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Testimonial from M. Cristina Machin

"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to [Healthy Minds for Shore] for bringing such a good training to the Eastern Shore and, on top, to offer [continuing education units] and make it free. I had seen an online training with Lisa Ferentz couple months ago and when I saw the advertisement that she was coming here, I could not believe it. I even called to make sure that she was coming in person because if the training had been pre-recorded or if it was online, I am not sure that I would have attended. I am thankful for all the training opportunities that are now offered online, so I am not opposed to it, but I really enjoyed being able to see her in person and not have to travel to see her. It allowed me to be back home at a reasonable time and I was not exhausted from the driving. This also helps prevent burnout, so I am double happy!

On top of everything else, what a great trainer! It validated what I have been hearing and feeling that is important to address in our profession, she had a great sense of humor, approachable and I learned practical strategies that I can use in different settings."

M. Cristina Machin LPCMH, LPC


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